Asset Management

Our asset management plans provide a detailed overview of the entire life expectancy of the asset, providing the reader with the foresight required to maximise the use and value of the asset.

Our deliverables are fully integratable with any asset management system and align with the IPWEA Practice Note 3 for Buildings: Building Condition and Performance Assessment Guideline.

Typical components of our asset management service offering include:

  • Asset Register development and reconstruction
  • Detailed condition assessment reports
  • Identification of backlog maintenance tasks
  • Lifecycle cost planning
  • Preventive maintenance schedules
  • Upgrade and reconfiguration cost estimation
  • Disability Access Audits (in line with the Disability Discrimination Act, 1992)
  • Asbestos identification
  • Occupational Health and Safety issues
  • Building certification and compliance auditing (BCA)
  • Building functionality and suitability assessments
  • Risk identification and risk management
  • Cost estimation
  • General recommendations