Government Asset Valuation

Our staff have a history of carrying out government consultancy services ranging from property valuations to asset management planning, risk management and investment strategy.

Our staff have undertaken valuation services for over 25 local government clients across Australia for:

  • financial reporting;
  • insurance; and
  • AASB 116 / AASB 13 accounting compliance purposes.

Our valuations are primarily used for financial reporting purposes and comply with all relevant International and Australian Accounting Standards. We employ experienced registered property valuers who are also Certified Practising Valuers (CPVs) under the Australian Property Institute to undertake all valuations of real property assets and are proud of never having received an audit qualification.

Our Government Asset valuation services include:

Valuation of Buildings

Valuation of Buildings

Our valuers have experience in providing valuations for all building assets no matter how specialised. For example, we have a history of providing valuations for all types of building assets including office towers, retail shopping centres, churches, court houses, industrial facilities, and schools.

Our condition-based valuations are often broken down into an elemental hierarchy which can form part of an asset management plan following your organisation’s existing asset register or per AIQS, RICS or Rawlinsons guidelines.

Valuation of Land

Valuation of Land

Our valuation specialists have the experience and knowledge required of the ever changing property market to provide accurate valuations, taking into account all aspects of the subject land parcel. Our valuers consider location, zoning, topography, climate, area, recent sales transactions and economic factors in order to produce sworn valuations.

During the course of valuation, our valuers can determine the presence of easements and encumbrances, ownership details, and assist with highest and best use determinations.

Valuation of Plant & Machinery

Valuation of Plant Machinery & Equipment

Our qualified consultants have over 40 years experience in valuing Plant and Equipment (P&E) as diverse as computers and vehicles to linear accelerators and biomedical centrifuges.

We are able to assist with the development of asset registers through asset identification and cataloguing of equipment through barcode scanning or physical inspections.