We have funds available to lend to private borrowers with real estate security, who might otherwise find it difficult to obtain loans from banks.

Our service offering suits clients with equity in their property who are unable to go to the banks or simply do not have time to satisfy the red tape process. This product is provided primarily for business use although we will consider consumer use if the deal stacks up.

When assessing a loan application we primarily look at the underlying security property. If there is sufficient equity in the security, our private mortgage lenders will lend against the asset rather than the character or credit history of the borrower or the credit risk the borrower may pose.

Often interest can be prepaid for the term of the loan or capitalised for the life of the loan.

The terms and conditions of the loan are clear and there are no hidden costs.

Our loan application criteria

In exchange for the first registered mortgage over the real estate security, we will provide loans on the following terms:

Interest Rate

11% – 13% pa.

Loan Amount

$20,000 – $1,000,000

Loan Term

3 – 12 months


Up to 65% of the value of the security property.